YouTubeMoney – Win Free Money by Watching Video

YES!!! its true.. No catch, No purchase, just free money giveaway

This website is designed to help people make free money by watching video on YouTube and answering a few questions about that video and you are entered in a giveaway contest automatically. The winner gets prize money for that video. That’s it….

How does it work?

  1. You watch a video on our YouTube channel or any other links through our website video page or any other social media website
  2. You come back to our website, either register to create a new account or login in your account.
  3. Go to the contest related to that video. Link will be in the video for the contest.
  4. Answer a few question about the details in the video after login in your account.
  5. You are automatically entered in a contest and draw happens online.
  6. Winner is announced on the same day after the contest in ended and if possible a video interview with the winner.
  7. Winner is send money by PayPal.

No Purchase needed or necessary to enter the contest

Read FAQ for more details.